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Miles Away

Original live action music video for San Francisco garage pop band, Miss March, for the song "Miles Away" off their debut 2015 album, That is All.


The music video takes up the sense of frustration and loneliness described by Miss March's song lyrics. Shot on location in La Jolla, California, this mostly narrative music video depicts an adolescent girl, bored and apathetic in her suburban home. Cuts to an expansive beach setting reveal the young girl finding what she's been looking for, though possibly only in her own imagination.


Finalist for Best Music Video at the Long Beach Indie International Music Festival, 2015.


Ashes and Urn

This live action music video for Miss March's song, "Ashes and Urn", tells an abstract story of fragility and strength, and of the intimacy and estrangement of the agile young gymnasts it portrays.


Shot at Gold Cup Gymnastics in Albuquerque, New Mexico.


Recipient of the IndieFEST Film Award of Merit, 2015.



Escapes Theme

A stop motion cut paper animation featuring a little yellow-clad misfit and his band of outsiders.


For the instrumental song, "Escapes Theme," by Miss March (That is All, 2015).

Something in the Way

A narrative music video (2017) for the song, "Something in the Way" by The Campbell Apartment (Sundogs, 2014), with badminton and a slight sci-fi twist.

Dark Corner

A short stop motion Instagram teaser for Miss March's song "Dark Corner". Made just for fun in a couple hours one day.


A music video completed for and inspired by Day of the Dead. For the unreleased song, Specters, by Miss March.


A 1-minute video created for the launch of CARTA Fragrances perfume company, showing the distillation process of the essential oil, Moena alcanfor, on-site at the reforestation non-profit, Camino Verde, in Peru.

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