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Vyond Projects
& Campaigns

Discovering Vyond
with Prakriti

Successfully pitched this breakout series, carrying viewers through Prakriti's journey learning Vyond video, to Vyond's Marketing Director. Discovering Vyond with Prakriti won a bronze Telly for social video series in 2021.

Black Characters in Children's Books

Vyond's 2021 Gold Telly winner for social video for education & discovery, and one of  many videos created as part of my personal DEI initiative to provide Vyond customers with more template videos dedicated to DE&I issues.

Coronavirus Explainer

This informative video represents a workplace triumph: in March 2020 I persuaded a resistant CEO that this video was necessary and valuable. The video had 1700 views within the first hour, and was translated by customers into 10+ languages. CEO later recognized my rapid pivot to producing this and other Coronavirus-related content as "deserving an award".

Sofala Explains it All

On the heels of Discovering Vyond with Prakriti's Telly win, I concepted Sofala Explains it All for IG Stories as a casual and fun, intermediate-level video series. Sofala Explains it All won the bronze Telly for social video series in 2022.

Vyond Studio Splash Video

We turned this Vyond Studio splash video around in less than a week on urgent request from the executive team. The brief was to faithfully represent Vyond's best features in 30 seconds. This was an "all hands on deck" project, and I'm so proud of how beautifully my team collaborated to bring it together. Video went live on Sept 1, 2022 - stats forthcoming.

Taylor Tinkers

After noticing patterns in the conversations and questions in the Vyond Community, I conceived Taylor Tinkers as a series dedicated to showing customers creative workarounds in Vyond. We're fully expecting this series to win a 2023 Telly!

Discovering Vyond with Prakriti - Episode 13

Discovering Vyond with Prakriti - Episode 13

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